Divolight distribution represent a group of companies united under " Divolight " brand.
The group was established more than 10 years ago and its main trends of activity are:

  • Creation of architectural lighting projects
  • Production and import of LED equipment for:
    • Street lighting
    • Commercial lighting
    • Interior lighting of apartments , house and offices
    • Architectural lighting of building facades , gardens, landscapes , monuments Etc.
    • Decorative lighting

The group has a network of representations throughout the world and its own design agency , creating complex illumination projects.
Among our projects , you can find decorative lighting of a number of buildings in the Moscow Kemlin,
the creation of the architectural lighting in the Kremlin palace of congresses inner parts , decorative lighting
of building and shops in the Red Square (G.U.M ).

In Israel , Divolight distribution engaged numerous projects of illuminating architectural arcs, bridges, buildings,
offices, apartments and many others.

Divolight group participates in the largest lighting fairs and exhibitions.